What Would You Do If Sonny Died?

dear sonny,

     i’ve been thinking about you lately. i’ve been thinking about how much you mean to me. the question, "what would you do if sonny died" came up among my friends the other day. at first it really bothered me and i didn’t know how to answer. my friends all said that they’d probably commit suicide and i jumped on the bandwagon and said the same. that was it, the conversation ended, and we continued on our day… but i couldn’t. i wasn’t satisfyied with my answer! i spent the rest of my day trying to come to terms with myself. then i asked myself, "what would you want me to do?”

 sonny wouldn’t want us all to kill ourselves!! he would want us to cry for him, he would want us to be upset, but then he would want us to move on. not to forget him, but to continue living our lives as if he was still here! he would want us to live everyday in his memory, keeping the riot he has already started alive. he would want us to love everyone and appreciate those who love us. he would want us to sing and write music for him. he would want us to follow in his footsteps to make an impact on other peoples’ lives for the better. he would want us to be happy… god forbid, sonny dies…he wouldn’t want us to die too! live your life for him, make him proud.

 tell me sonny, is that what you would want? i love you lots.

sincerely your sister,

anonymous xoxo

what would you do if sonny died? would you commit suicide, or live by his example?

March 15, 2012 If Sonny and Ellie ever broke up, this is what I would say.